The International Profiler

What is it?

Reflect for a moment on how you respond to working in an international context. Do you put your energies into the 'flexibility' with which you fit into a range of different situations? Or, on the other hand, do you 'focus on goals' regardless of the pressure to compromise? Despite the obvious contradictions, both approaches represent key skills for working across cultures. The important thing is to identify which approach is more typical of you, and whether this is appropriate in your particular international role and context.

The International Profiler is a questionnaire and feedback tool that has been developed to help managers and professionals understand where they typically put the emphasis when working internationally. It helps to raise their awareness of potential areas in which they may require future development, and suggests actions they can take to fill the gaps.

How does it work?

The International Profiler is a normed psychometric questionnaire based on our framework of international competencies. Details of the norm base and other technical aspects of the questionnaire can be obtained by clicking the link at the top or bottom of this page.

The International Profiler provides individuals with structured feedback in terms of the energy, emphasis and attention they bring to each of the 22 dimensions in this competency set. The feedback can be given in a face to face meeting, in groups, or over the telephone, and is used as a basis for personal development planning, and further coaching and developmental activities.

An individual's International Profiler Report

The illustration on the left shows a sample page from a personal feedback report

The International Profiler feedback provides:

  • Identification of potential gaps in a person's international competence

  • Linkage to the individual's roles and business context

  • The rationale for development and initial action steps for gap closing

All the individual needs to do to initiate this process is to fill in the the International Profiler questionnaire which takes about 30-40 minutes. The questionnaire can be distributed and completed on-line or through a hard copy version.



What is the International Profiler for?

The International Profiler is aimed at individuals who need to build adaptive skills for working in a multi-national environment. They may wish to review their present international experience and extend the skills they bring to the task. They may have a present or imminent need to transfer their technical and managerial skills more extensively into the international arena.

Typical candidates include:

  • Managers leading, or participating in, diverse international teams

  • Specialists sitting on international committees

  • Managers operating in multi-cultural workplaces

  • Professionals with international business careers

  • International project managers

  • Managers integrating operations across national boundaries

  • Key support staff co-ordinating and communicating across cultures

6 Benefits of the International Profiler

Provides structured individual feedback in the area of working across cultures

  Turns awareness from group training into personal development plans

  Provides personal guidance in realigning energy for imminent relocation,

greater mobility and more challenging international roles

  Supports leadership development at an individual level

  Acts as diagnostic for skills development through group training

  Provides statistics on skills gaps at an organisational level

Contact us if you would like to receive case studies about how the International Profiler has been used in different organisations, product downloads or information regarding technical issues.