A World of Difference

We now have available a great new video and trainer's pack called 'A World of Difference - Working successfully across cultures'.

Front cover of World of Difference Video

The pack contains:

  • A 35 minute DVD/video drama

  • Comprehensive Trainer's Manual

  • Self Study Workbook

  • Exercises, slides, handouts etc which can be reproduced


The training pack, which comes in DVD or video format, is ideal for use whilst giving feedback for the International Profiler, for developing awareness in multi-cultural teams, and for cross cultural workshops generally. It exploits the research conducted by WorldWork into International Competencies and detailed training programmes of two days and half a day are included in the trainer's manual.

The storyline of the DVD follows Gavin in his new role as international team leader for the global launch of a new software package. The challenges of international work are explored through both face-to-face and remote communication with his team members. Gavin learns through his mistakes to build his multicultural team and manage the diversity within it.

The interest level is maintained at a high level throughout the DVD. This results from the close cooperation between award winning script writer and director Alan Deakins, and two WorldWork members, Nigel Ewington and David Trickey, who worked on the intercultural concept and all the supporting documentation.

Front cover of World of Difference Video

The DVD clearly illustrates how business counterparts from other cultures can have differing approaches and attitudes to basic business variables, including time, planning, communication style, team leadership, trust and relationship building. In the process of facing the challenges of international team leadership, Gavin comes to understand some of the key competencies he needs to develop to be successful.

The training programme and DVD ensure a sound basis for experienced and inexperienced international professionals to understand the challenges and complexities of working in a world of difference. They will also aid the development of the practical skills and attitudes required to work with differences, rather than against them, in the pursuit of an organisation's international goals.

Contact us if you would like to view the DVD or video and training materials.